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Company Overview

P. Ducker Systems Ltd has extensive expertise in the implementation of Infrastructure Projects spanning the last 20 years – providing SCADA, turnkey Control & Monitoring systems and fully integrated system solutions.
Our primary expertise is in the implementation of Tunnel Control and Monitoring or SCADA systems for Road and Cable Tunnel networks. These range from stand alone Control Systems to fully Integrated Solutions covering lighting, ventilation, environmental and pollution sensors, traffic control & monitoring, including CCTV, PA, telephones, radio, fire and security sub-systems. PDS has also developed a world leading Road Tunnel lighting control system for luminance exactly matching the demand curve with minimum carbon footprint. We have the capability to provide comprehensive control and monitoring of all tunnel systems including ventilation, lighting, signs, emergency facilities, CCTV, sumps & pumps and electrical distribution.
PDS offers a unique integrated system solutions for road tunnels based on PDS’ MATRICS ITS, offering an integrated User interface, integrated audio and video equipment, and including innovative solutions such as radar for incident detection and confirmation of hard shoulder availability for ATM projects.
PDS has solutions for Tolls, ATM, and system support.
We have a dedicated UPS systems support department responsible for all design, install and commissioning as well as support and routine maintenance to a wide range of UPS systems and the provision of 24-hour on-call support.We also provide routine maintenance and 24/7/365 call out support to 21 road and cable tunnels in the UK.

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