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Company Overview

Owners and operators of locomotives incur enormous costs every year to provide their fleets of rolling stock with fuel. For instance, traction energy costs over £780m/year in the UK and is rising. Modern main lines locomotives consume in average almost $1M worth of fuel per year worldwide while making daily regular runs (12h).

To address this, OptiRail (SME based in the North of England) offers Smart Automatic Train Operation (SATO), which can reduce this cost by up to 25% — or up to $250K for each locomotive each year! SATO is distributed software with both “cloud” and “on-board” parts, which calculates real-time, adaptive and optimal parameters to control the train and can either control the train in automatic mode or display the optimal parameters to a train driver in DAS mode. Technologies used in SATO is protected by 11 patents worldwide – from the USA to China.

Being absolutely confident in the benefits of our technology OptiRail offers an innovative no-risk business model: the customer pays for SATO from the energy savings from its use.

General Details

Marland House
13 Huddersfield Road

S70 2LW
South Yorkshire
United Kingdom



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