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Company Overview

MIND – Milanović Industries Group is a global business concept that operates in a unique industrial space. It is focused on the railway, aerospace, and high-tech industry. In MIND Park, we collaborate across companies within the MIND Group to provide integrated, compelling solutions that deliver value to our partners.
Among MIND Group operate 7 companies:
– AMM Manufacturing is mainly focused on the production of components for rail vehicles. The subject and area of application is the design, manufacture, and sale of aluminum and steel structures, machine parts, and rail vehicle components.
– MIND Real Estate which takes care of the construction and preservation of MIND Park itself and offers shared services for all partners in MIND Park.
– IMW Institute engaged in research, development, and testing of materials and welded joints.
– MIND Edu is an educational center for the development and improvement of knowledge through a combination of practical and theoretical training.
– Milanović Water treatment for planning, engineering, and production of turnkey drinking and wastewater treatment systems.
– Culinaris takes care of catering services.
– ProAspa – production of fruits and vegetables.

General Details

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