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Company Overview

Measurex Consulting Ltd provides services to contractors, infrastructure owners, consultants, local authorities, heritage organisations, private companies, individuals and other specialists.

We focus on the importance of good quality 'measurement' and undertake a variety of projects where structural condition, deformation, geotechnical monitoring, surveying or aerial mapping is required, using the correct tools. Core services typically include the following:

Project setup, with ongoing coordination and support, including:

* Desktop study and site visits, capturing and recording key aspects of your site for future stages of the project, e.g. photography and stakeholder contact details.
* Monitoring system design recommendations, considering and assessing the very latest innovative technology, where appropriate.
* Liaison with client and structural engineers to develop project specifications, feasibility and properly value-engineered solutions prior to going out to tender.
* Documentation, such as method statements and execution plans and proposed deliverables.
* Cost estimations of monitoring system, pre-contract budgeting and in consultation with suppliers.
* Monitoring team development, utilising best in class suppliers and suitability for the task.
* Sub-contractor and project management (full time or part time alongside project staff) to manage processes, cost control, performance, quality and other KPI’s.
* Quality assurance and monitoring key performance indicators.

We can also provide the following services in conjunction with our associated service providers:

* Topographic survey, including LiDAR and UAV/UAS.
* Engineering survey and setting-out.
* Geotechnical monitoring, including equipment procurement, installation, commissioning and removal.
* Site video monitoring and surveillance.
* Site or office video documentation, including interviews, for broadcast or social media publication.
* Dilapidation and condition surveys.
* 360° High Dynamic Range photography (like Google Street View) for site documentation.
* Time-lapse photography.

We are flexible in our approach to meeting our client’s requirements. By applying years of experience, we offer high-value services at a reasonable cost, making the best use of our low-cost base and network of trusted associates. This business approach also enables us to call upon a diverse range of skills.

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