McLaren Applied Technology Ltd - bronze Members

Company Overview

"McLaren Applied Technologies combines fresh thinking and constant innovation to provide high-performance solutions and achieve desired outcomes.

With expertise derived from the demanding world of Formula1, McLaren provides highly reliable, fast and efficient Wi-Fi on trains and stations for passenger and operational use; sensors to monitor subsystem performance and asset utilisation while in service, capturing and communicating relevant data in real time, with visualisation, analytics and decision science tools for predictive, condition-based maintenance, train capacity and dynamic seat occupancy status.
Delivering a superior experience for passengers, lower carbon footprint, increased capacity utilisation, Improved system reliability, greater resilience and reduced cost of operation. Thereby enabling the Internet of Trains and accelerating the path to Intelligent Mobility.
• Passenger Wi-Fi
• Infotainment
• Condition Based Maintenance
• Seat reservations
• Data Analytics
• Disruption Management"

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