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Company Overview

Manufacturers of Waysafe illuminated guidelines and LED battery/plug-in lighting equipment.

Waysafe solves the problem of safe passage guidance in low visibility & dark conditions. The cable provides full radial illumination along its entire length and emits a brilliant blue-green or orange light. The colour is highly visible at night and provides safety and comfort factors inherent in a clear constant reference point. This linear marking system is used for demarcation of hazardous zones, walkways to vehicle parking enclosures, indicating presence of live under-track cables and cordoning off zones such as crossings/points that should not be entered by road-rail vehicles.

Waysafe is also an effective way to quickly, efficiently and safely display access routes into working areas for firefighters and emergency rescue teams during night time operations at incidents. In addition it can be used to mark hot zones.

Waysafe lighting reels are IP65 rated and available with illuminated rope length from 20m to 300m. Waysafe safety guidelines are designed and tested to give totally reliable consistent lighting along their entire length. The illuminated cable can be wrapped around anchor points, knotted, tied to structures and attached to barriers and fences. Linear Guidance Illumination’s innovative and highly flexible design ensures constant illumination throughout. Waysafe is available as battery only, alternatively 110v/240v or 110v/240v with integral battery backup. The Waysafe ‘battery only’ range is ideal for locations where no power source is available or where power generators are not permitted due to noise restriction zones. Battery units have a runtime of up to 30 hours.

Other Linear Guidance Illumination products include LED link lighting, hand held inspection lights, task lighting and our revolutionary new AIM ecological replacement to light-sticks.

General Details

Scientific House
Turnpike Industrial Estate

RG14 2LR
United Kingdom


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