LCM Environmental (Craggs Environmental Ltd) - bronze Members

Company Overview

LCM Environmental part of Craggs Environmental Ltd provides commercial and public sector customers with a range of fuel management services to minimise the risks associated with using and storing large volumes of fuel.

Our services cover best practice for management and monitoring of the fuel, along with testing, cleaning, polishing, rotation and removal of any redundant product as well as tank installation and decommissioning. Craggs Environmental Ltd are leading experts in helping customers get the very best out of the fuel used for emergency electricity generation, heating, industrial processing and transportation.

In 2019 Craggs Environmental Ltd acquired the business from both Clovemead Fuel Systems and LCM Environmental. In mid 2020 the decision was taken to actively go forward using the LCM Environmental brand as our primary public face. LCM Environmental has a strong reputation of professionalism, expertise and flexibility that has been gained with delivering fantastic services for over 35 years.

General Details

The Oil Depot
Wyre Street

BB12 8DF





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