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Are you concerned about how consistently good your virtual, phone and email communication is across your organisation?

Are you anxious that you don’t receive enough high-quality, quick and independent feedback, that informs you if your team is delivering the customer experience you expect?

If you cannot answer these two questions with confidence, we can help.

insight6 is a customer experience (CX) specialist company with a team covering the whole of the UK and Ireland. We are the customer experience experts working with more than 800 companies including some industry-leading transport organisations.


We measure, through our range of CX products, the entire end-to-end customer journey. Our regional teams have a fantastic knowledge of your local region meaning they can help you to benchmark your business against others within the transport sector. With our unique icx6 model we can partner you to map, train and motivate your team to provide an unforgettable customer experience.

We also have a REAL-TIME customer feedback portal which is your total feedback solution that analyses the feedback from your team and customers at a level that has been never seen before. Not only will this provide you with actionable comments that will transform your business, instant insight will also increase your brand reputation by linking positive feedback to any public review platform that you choose.

What’s more, this solution will enable you to benchmark your business against others within your sector so with instant insight we can help you achieve a world-class Customer and Employee Experience.

• Your customers feel more engaged as you are involving them in decision making and asking for their feedback regularly. As they will feel more valued, they will be more loyal.
• Immediate user notifications when a customer responds. You can filter on defined responses, so if a customer is not happy you can act now!
• We have excellent response rates ahead of standard surveys due to the ease and simplicity for the user to complete. The more feedback received, the more confident you are in making great decisions for your business.
• Customised & targeted surveys to gain the exact feedback you are looking for on the critical business issues you face. How satisfied are they, what more are they looking for, what was their feedback on your products & services etc?
• Real-time data analysis & customer comments at your fingertips
• Gain more automatic positive reviews for sites such as Google
• An audit trail of team member well-being

It will take a business/organisation 5 minutes to set up and we do the rest.

It is only £150 + VAT for 3 months for the trial package.

If you or a colleague would like to find out more about how we can help you, please get in touch.

General Details

Innovation Centre
Highfield Drive
St. Leonards-On-Sea

TN38 9UH
East Sussex
United Kingdom





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