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Company Overview

It is the intent of this company is to remain true to our core principles by engineering solutions that provide true value, drive collaboration and deliver innovation. The business will achieve these principles and maintain core values of transparency and integrity by:
•respecting the individual needs of our clients and the solutions that they require.
•inspiring and supporting our employees in their professional development.
•being diligent about our environmental obligations and stretching for zero impact operations.
•collaborating with and being responsible for our suppliers so that all of these values can be extended.
•creating sustainable growth which rewards all stakeholders.
Some of the industry’s best designers and engineers work collaboratively with you, developing the evolution of your idea through to a finished prototype. Great ideas, project managers, state of the art technology and advanced manufacturing sit side by side, under one roof, waiting to turn your ideas into reality. I8 is a company built with a single-minded vision – to support the world’s best engineers and designers and turn their ideas, concepts and designs into highly engineered prototypes and high-quality, scalable production.

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