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Founded in 1927 by Carl Zoellner as a family-run enterprise, Hoppecke operates production and assembly plants in Europe, North America and Asia and has customers and business partners across the globe. The company’s UK headquarters are in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, where the unique offering comprises battery assembly, sales, rental, refurbishment and servicing.

Continuing to work to its unique motto, ‘Power from Innovation’, Hoppecke is now the leading specialist for industrial battery energy storage systems and the largest battery manufacturer in European ownership. Hoppecke offers to customers around the world efficient and reliable power supply solutions for a variety of industries, including motive power, reserve power for IT/telecoms, power stations, solar energy and special power for rail and underground.

In the special power sector Hoppecke is well-placed to deliver auxiliary and traction energy units for railway systems thanks to strong relationships with all the major rolling stock providers in the UK. It was chosen as a partner by Vivarail to help develop the UK’s first battery-powered passenger train.

A champion of environmental care for more than 90 years, Hoppecke adopts a whole life cycle approach to new product development. In Germany the company operates its own recycling foundry for lead-acid batteries, ensuring that the focus on recycling is equally as important as improved system efficiency, longer service life and reduced maintenance costs. Major savings in energy consumption help to reduce the company's carbon footprint, whilst lower water consumption and recycling old batteries in its own smelter enhance Hoppecke’s impressive environmental credentials.

Hoppecke drives innovation in technology. With one of the largest R&D departments in the industry, the company invests more than 5% of turnover into R&D, reinforcing its commitment to bring new battery technologies to market.

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