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Company Overview

Consulting services:

Adjudication – issue evaluation and advice; preparation of applications for adjudication; preparation of responses to adjudication; and provision of adjudicators.
Arbitration and Litigation – strategy and advice; and provision of arbitrators.
Mediation and conciliation – strategy and advice; technical and commercial position papers; and provision of mediators and conciliators.
Preparation and Evaluation of Contract Claims – complex and major variations; extension of time; delay and disruption; acceleration; prolongation costs; forensic data analytics; claims visualisation; and system dynamics.
Seminars and Training – contractual awareness; forms of contract; claims for time and money; adjudication and dispute resolution; and bespoke in-house course.

Expert Services:

Accounting; Construction management; Delay and disruption; Financial quantum; Planning and scheduling; Project management; Project monitoring; Transportation; Rolling Stock; Signalling; Rail; Electrical engineering; Health, safety and environmental; Instrumentation and control systems; Marine engineering; Mechanical engineering; Metallurgy and materials; Power engineering; Process engineering; Structural engineering; Buildings defects; Construction failure; Professional competence; and Standard of care.

Advisory Services:

Select – we help our clients to select the investment choices best aligned to their strategic goals: Strategy development; Business case development; challenge and assurance; Benefits management; Commercial transaction and procurement advice; and Corporate risk analysis.
Steer – We help our clients to steer portfolios, programmes and projects to best assure the outcomes to realise their strategic goals: Portfolio office design and operation; Organisational design; Project culture; Programme set-up and initiation; and Risk and commercial assurance review.
Deliver – We help our clients to deliver high performing programmes and projects and best manage risk: Project leadership; Scheduling and planning support; Risk management; Programme and project controls; Programme and project management offices (PMOs); Commercial and contract management; and Change management.
Optimise -We help our clients to optimise.

General Details

3200 Daresbury Park
Daresbury Business Park

United Kingdom





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