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Products designed for railway and transportation systems face challenging technical and environmental conditions in order to successfully operate on rolling stock, locomotives and trackside systems. With the advancement in technology there are an increasing number of applications used on transportation requiring power conversion solutions. FiDUS Power have a range of DC-DC converter modules to manage the demanding requirements. European Norm EN50155 is often cited for electronic equipment used on rolling stock. This is a harmonised standard, but in the UK the standard RIA12, “General Specification for Protection of Traction and Rolling Stock from Transients and Surges in DC Control Systems” is still often required due to replacing obsolescent product that was previously approved to that standard, or designers adding more resilience to their new products. The rail industry uses various DC input bus voltages on its rolling stock. Typical examples are 24V, 48V, 72V, 96V and 110V. FiDUS Power rail DC-DC converters have very wide input range to cover the requirements of EN50155. With regard to RIA12, the 3.5x nominal input is very severe and has to be snubbed with suppression devices to protect the downstream converters. This poses a challenge to design engineers as it difficult to achieve with input surge capacitors, TVS or varistors. FiDUS Power offers a range of surge clamping modules to provide a complete surge suppression solution. We also have models with built in filtering and protection to offer a complete design solution

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