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Earthing Services has changed the way companies install electrical earthing systems, making them faster and cheaper to install, safer to install, safer to own, cheaper to own, and will outlast all conventional methods. Focusing on developing products and methods that achieve a target resistance without the use of conventional earth rods, and remove associated costs such as office preparation time in line with the obligations of HSG47 and other comparable requirements. With a strong pedigree of preventing stray current problems, and protecting elements from deterioration.

Our range includes:
– ConduDisc: An alternative to a conventional earth rod that requires no deep driving. It is highly deterioration resistant and incredibly effective, which is why it is so widely used. As easy as dropping a stone in a hole.
– Conducrete: The most effective conductive concrete-type product on the market. It requires no additives, plant, or expertise to use. As easy as opening a bag.
– ConduForm: A highly conductive putty that can "glue" conductors to rock even in vertical applications; it cures over a number of hours to a solid consistency. It can also be used to prevent thieves from stealing bonds in rail sites. As easy as using putty.
– ConduFlow: This matrix is ideal for achieving a low electrical resistance in rocky voids, and is frequently used with ConduDisc. As easy as emptying a bucket.
– Marine electrode: If a marina needs to ensure safety for users, and swimmers, this product will solve the problem and does not need connecting to the mainland. It can also be used to lower the resistance of a wider conductor network by extending the system into a nearby body of water.

The methods that accompany the products are all developed to de-skill traditional electrical earthing activities; in essence we have tried to do the thinking when we developed the product, so using them is as simple as possible.

All of the products are in active use so there is no early adopter anxiety, with Earthing Services you are always in safe hands.

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