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Company Overview

Since 2003, Design and Analysis Limited has been providing specialist structural engineering support to the rail industry. Our customers consist of many of the leading industry operators from OEM’s through to 2nd and 3rd tier suppliers, for example Bombardier, Hitachi and Alstom. In addition to new build assessments, we support the refurbishment market with interior upgrades, retraction and life extension projects.
We are fully conversant with railway standards including UK and European fatigue analysis standards. We conduct structural analysis work ranging from single equipment brackets to complete carbodies and have extensive experience in all aspects of rail vehicle structural analysis.

A summary of some of our capabilities and services:

• Structural analysis to TSI, GM/RT2100, BS EN12663.

• Fatigue assessments to BS7608, BS8118, Eurocode 3 and Eurocode 9.

• Vibration analysis assessments to BS EN 61373.

• Crash analysis to GM/RT2100 (for seats, tables and driver’s desks) and BS EN 15227 (for carbody). Including passenger injury potential assessments.

• Structural scrutiny (review of 3rd party analysis work).

• Design development and review services.

• On track testing support including strain gauge maps and test post-processing.

• Materials testing including composite materials application and development.

Example projects for new build or refurbishment:

• Interior assessments such as; grab poles, doors, partitions, luggage racks, luggage stacks, electrical cubicles, toilets, galleys, seats, tables, drivers’ desks and ceilings.

• Underframe equipment such as; power packs, battery rafts, transformers, inverters, air reservoir rafts, brake resister rafts, de-icing tanks, sanding units, CET tanks, traction control rafts, fuel tanks, bogies, bolsters and couplers.

• Carbody assessments; new build design, life extension, major modification and crash repair investigations.

General Details

Unit 1, H2O Business Units
Lake View Drive

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