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David’s initial work in the rail industry began with British Rail, providing the mandatory training in Health and Safety Management programme to its managers. Over 25 years in, he is the Ergonomics and Human Factors module leader for Birmingham University’s MSc in Railway Systems and Integration and its MSc in Railway Risk & Safety Management. Recent projects include:
• Application and implementation of the RSSB Musculoskeletal Assessment Tool for Train Drivers (MAT).
• Cab ergonomics improvement programme.
• Control room ergonomics for systems and depots.
• Driver Only Operated trains ergonomics issues.
• Ergonomics and wellbeing factors for drivers, conductors and depot staff.
• Ergonomics aspects of Driver Advisory Systems.
• Evaluation of alternative cab seats.
• Member of the RSSB specialist group for the management of MSDs.
• Postural risks associated with the use of platform-monitors.
• Research into the usability and acceptability of the Driver’s Safety Device (DSD).
• Using fitting trials to determine acceptable cab layouts.
• Wellbeing guidance for drivers

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