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Company Overview

Context Information Security Ltd was established in 1998, and is now recognised as one of the UK’s top specialist cyber security consultancies. We deliver services accredited by NCSC, CREST, and FIRST covering Strategic & Tactical Advisory (GRC, training, preparedness exercises), Assurance (including as the pioneer of CBEST for the Bank of England, now having undertaken 17 of the 35 CBEST tests so far on the banking sector and financial markets infrastructure), Cyber Threat Intelligence, Cyber Incident Response (we were the first of just 6 companies now accredited by NCSC on the CIR scheme to deal with the most serious cyber incidents to HMG systems), and finally, but not least, we undertake world class technical Research for HMG and other friendly governments. Our philosophy is all about developing long-term, trusted relationships with our clients. It is based upon our approach of always doing the right things, and doing those things right; with honesty and integrity.

In terms of rail sector experience, we (often working in close partnership through a new Joint Venture with our sister Babcock International Group company Frazer-Nash Consultancy) have been contracted by DfT to assess Common Rail System vulnerabilities, together with undertaking technical security assurance (penetration testing) of a current ‘in use’ class of train. We are also contracted to three of the ROSCos as their specialist cyber assurance advisors for a number of new-build and upgrade train projects [eg NJRP (Classes 180, 365, 43 and Electrostars), with ATL & Abellio Greater Anglia (Class 720), and with Porterbrook, GWR, and (potentially) CrossRail (Classes 387 and 345)]. In addition we have a longstanding record of supporting TfL technical security assurance (penetration testing), cyber incident management preparedness training/exercising, and strategic advisory work. We also do work for AMTRAK in the United States.

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