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Contented is a strategic communications company. We facilitate innovation and change to future-proof organisations, helping staff learn to adapt and transform. We are specialists in organisational development, sustainable finance and content production, twice platinum winners of creative international awards.

Because we believe travel has the power to transform, we are passionate about helping engineers around the world to transport people sustainably.

We educate professionals and manage knowledge to future-proof your company. With staff more aware of risk and its impact, they start to think sustainably and make real improvements. To benefit the business, the employees and the planet too, we:
• Benchmark coaching and organisational culture
• Embed sustainable finance and increase legitimacy
• Generate and promote thought-leadership

Contented has a multi-disciplinary team of creative and technical specialists, from journalists and designers to facilitators and project managers, each with a background in projects for change. We work with clients as part of their project team to plan the communications strategy; we benchmark culture, facilitate, capture and promote learning to embed purpose and values; we produce and package high-quality content, from explainer videos, technical papers, apps and documentaries, to workshops, study tours and other events.

With quality management systems certified to ISO9001, we have been delivering communications-based services since 1999. We have considerable experience operating with industry professionals and academics around the world, on transnational and local projects. Our expertise spans specialist technical areas, professions and sectors – from the creative arts to science and engineering, especially transport and renewable energy. We have experience over a decade delivering certified learning programs across leadership and culture change.

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