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Company Overview

Comtest Wireless has world-class expertise and experience in rail telecoms and signalling quality of service monitoring, analysis and troubleshooting. Customers rely on the Comtest Wireless solutions to enable them to monitor their GSM-R and ETCS rail telecoms networks, and signalling and interlocking systems, on-board and wayside; helping them to ensure they operate both efficiently and effectively. These include rail operators (such as RFI, BaneNor and BaneDanmark, SBB and Network Rail), as well as telecommunications companies (Nokia), and telecommunications and signalling vendors (such as Siemens and Alstom). In addition, Comtest Wireless also provides services to the key rail industry organisations – the UIC (International Union of Railways) and ERA (European Union Agency for Railways) – which is instrumental to their work towards developing new standards and methodologies.

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