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With over 35,000 customers across 70 countries, Bodet design, manufacture, install and support Synchronised Clock Systems and Time Servers for the rail environment. Our Time Distribution methods include the Netsilon NTP Time Server which provides accuracy, reliability and security by synchronising time across devices on your network. Our range of clock models include analogue and digital units with a range of different choices including sizes, colours and exterior use.

The benefits of our Synchronised Clock Systems and Time Servers include:

• Improving your service by giving accurate information about schedules.
• Reducing confusion and inefficiency by synchronising time throughout all offices and platforms areas.
• Saving money through automatic Summer and Winter changeover.
• Increasing network security by using a local Time Server.
• Selecting from a range of clock models to suit your requirements.

With cyberattacks an unfortunate ongoing consideration, it’s critical that your network security has as few vulnerabilities as possible. Public time servers present just such a vulnerability, which if exploited could prevent continuous business operation. Our Netsilon Time Server receives a satellite signal such as GPS and then distributes it across your network to synchronise connected devices, all whilst sitting within your firewall. This ensures network security, whilst providing high accuracy and reliability through features such as fan-less hardware and inbuilt fail-safes.

Bodet have been manufacturing clocks since 1868, and are the European leader in time measurement. We have a range of clocks designed for all situations. Not only do these include PoE (Power over Ethernet) options for ease of installation without mains power, but models such as large double-sided analogue clocks, or digital clocks which display additional information including date or temperature. All our clocks are manufactured to order, ensuring a choice of options for your project.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements with our experienced sales team.

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