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Company Overview

Base 8 is a digital media company specialising in the development of Apps, Websites, Videos and Interactive Learning & Development tools. We also specialise in graphic design services. We mainly develop bespoke applications which do not already exist; products which are often top of the ‘wish list’ of those clients who have a strategy or objective which they are struggling to meet.

Many of the businesses we meet tell us of the numerous solutions they can purchase off-the-shelf. They also share their general disappointment that few, if any, of the big applications and platforms actually allow them to tailor a product to meet their specific needs. We saw this ‘satisfaction deficit’ as a challenge and opportunity and it is the basis upon which Base 8 was born. Within our solution-focussed team we have the experience; we have the technology (not to mention the positivity), the desire, and we therefore don’t accept why organisations shouldn’t have exactly what they need to achieve their goals, efficiently and productively.
We have developed a suite of bespoke digital deliverables covering a wide range of topics:

Employee engagement
Performance management
Sales support / sales growth
Internal Communications
Learning & development
Retail support
Employee onboarding
Competency framework
Business growth

We also have a portfolio of our design work, covering everything from traditional print items to branding, events and marketing. We also provide illustrations, infographics and merchandise.
We believe strongly in balancing the focus of our business across the 4Cs:

We hear a lot about large corporates focussing on community projects but very few small businesses seem to have the same ethic. Base 8 is different! We ensure that we try to balance our focus in order that we help and support underprivileged people in our community.

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