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Company Overview

Aquarius Rail believe in making every day railway tasks simpler & safer Road to Rail to Site. We manufacture, hire & maintain highway based Road2Rail 4×4 vehicles & trailers which make your tasks safer, improving the well-being of your staff & maximise your possession by increasing efficiency & performance.

Our customers success stories include:

• Installing 1000 metres of S&T cable in 45 minutes using our R2R4X4 & Trailer, without isolating the OLE.

• Saving 80% on the shifts required to inspect S&T systems over 20 to 30 miles of track when compared to accessing the system by road & walking on track.

• For Welding, loading all equipment including stressing kit on to a R2R Trailer towed by the R2R4x4 transporting up to 11 people, to deliver up to 6 welds in 1×12 hour shift.

• Maintaining minor rail defects that are detected by the survey train, replacing clips, lifting & packing rail which normally takes 3 nights with a track trolley takes just 1 shift using the R2R4x4 with R2R Trailer.

Visit the Aquarius Rail stand to see live demonstrations, to meet our team & to see how we can help you.

General Details

Old Sleningford Farm
North Stainley

North Yorkshire
United Kingdom





Aquarius Railroad Technologies Ltd


Aquarius Railroad Technologies

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