Kloeckner Metals UK steps up and achieves ‘GOOD’ rating at the latest BES 6001 Certification for Sustainable Sourcing

Kloeckner Metals UK was awarded the BES 6001 certification in 2019 for its Leeds, Westok, London and Dudley sites by the British Standards Institute (BSI). This certification is awarded for Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products and, in the latest 2021 audit, four Kloeckner sites improved from a ‘Pass’ to a ‘Good’ rating. This highlights Kloeckner’s ongoing commitment to improving its environmental and social impact.

BES 6001 is a certification that allows construction product manufacturers and re-sellers to demonstrate that their products are made with constituent materials that have been responsibly sourced. It is an internationally recognised standard for responsible sourcing and also recognised by various sustainability rating schemes for buildings such as BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method).

Whilst the new BES 6001 certification gives Kloeckner customers a sustainability advantage, it also gives them confidence that Kloeckner is committed to an ethical and responsible approach towards sourcing and operations.
The newly awarded ‘Good’ rating is a testimony to various improvements Kloeckner has made over the last year. The introduction of a new combined sustainability and responsible-sourcing policy, a new talent development policy, along with continued improvements in our supply chain management protocols, all helped to achieve a higher rating.

Reflecting on this achievement, Tim Bowdler, Head of Procurement at Kloeckner says, “We at Kloeckner are always looking for ways to improve our offerings, and achieving the BES 6001 ‘Good’ rating makes us extremely proud. We worked very hard to implement numerous improvements across all our sites in order to improve our rating in 2021 and safeguard our credibility on sustainability. We are delighted to see that all our efforts have received due recognition and it motivates us to do better next year. We would like to thank all our stakeholders and customers who believed in us and supported us in achieving our sustainability goals through the BES 6001.”

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