Joining the Rail Alliance FAQs

What are the timescales for membership?

The Rail Alliance membership year coincides with the calendar year, meaning you can join today and receive benefits through to the end of 2021.

Can I pay by credit / debit card? 

Yes, this is now our preferred method of payment through the our secure payment system. 

Will I get a receipt for my payment? 

Yes, you will get a full VAT receipt for your records on confirmation of payment. 

My company requires a Pro-Forma Invoice in order to make this payment, can I receive one? 

The simplest and easiest way to pay is using the online page and a credit card. We can raise a pro-forma invoice but the additional processing charges associated mean there is an additional £50 cost to your membership. Please contact us at if you require this service and we can take you through the invoicing process. 

Will I get a Certificate of Membership? 

Currently the online focus of our activity combined with our ongoing sustainability commitment means we will not send out printed materials. However, Silver members will be able to download a digital copy of their membership certificate through the online portal when logged in. 

Can I view Rail Alliance event content if I missed the live session? 

If you are a Silver member, yes you can. We record and host all content as approved by our speakers and contributors. As a Silver member, this content can be viewed retrospectively via our website using your login details. Bronze members are not able to access this content. 

If I purchase a digital ticket to a live webinar session can I review the content later? 

Webinar tickets for Bronze members are exclusively for the live broadcast and you will not be able to view the content again once the live session has finished. To have full access to all recorded content for yourself and other members of your organisation, upgrade to Silver membership. 

Is there a Gold membership? 

Not currently. Gold membership of the Rail Alliance would represent what we consider to be our full complement of events and benefits, including those ‘in the room’ in the true sense. The current COVID-19 situation prevents us from providing this of course and we will consider a return to a Gold membership offer when it is viable and safe to do so. It is likely that the Gold package will be reintroduced in January 2022 but you will get plenty of notice as to when this happens. 

How do I view the Rail Alliance Terms and Conditions of membership? 

Our Terms and Conditions, including our GDPR statement, are freely available to view on our website.

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