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September 8, 2021 @ 9:00 am - 10:30 am

Railtex-Infrarail Breakfast Networking

National Exhibition Centre
Birmingham, B40 1NT United Kingdom

Join us on Wednesday 8th September at the NEC for our first networking breakfast since 2019! We can’t wait to…

Join us on Wednesday 8th September at the NEC for our first networking breakfast since 2019! We can’t wait to see you in person and when better but over some breakfast in the hour before the Railtex Infrarail show. Book your ticket today to enjoy breakfast muffins, tea, coffee, getting together and hearing from our sponsor, InDHu, about how digital systems and intelligent data can benefit your business. Marc Fontaine and his colleagues will be answering your questions about using digital solutions for your business growth.

InDHu wants to understand YOUR barriers to delivering Digital Transformation, YOUR pain points and help demystify the technical jargon that often surrounds the subject. During our Wednesday morning breakfast session, in association with RailAlliance, you’ll get your chance to ask us anything.

Indhu is run by Marc Fontaine, Founder and CEO. Marc is passionate about bringing the benefits of Digital Transformation to SMEs. He previously led the Digital Transformation Programme at Airbus where he successfully deployed technologies and processes that allowed the Group to become more agile, efficient and self-sufficient. Marc also created Skywise, the most advanced B2B industrial platform in any industry to date.  Today, Skywise allows more than 140 Aerospace companies to collaborate and work together. This ecosystem has connected more than 9,500 commercial aircraft, 500 IT systems and 18000 global users. Marc has extensive experience in business including Airbus General Secretary, a member of the Group’s Executive Committee and CEO and member of the Board of Directors of some its subsidiaries.  He has deployed projects including Google Suite to 165K users, Cloud migration, DDMS (Digital Twin), AI, IoT, Cybersecurity and much more.

Now, Marc and the team at InDHu want to bring that experience and knowledge to Rail, starting with SMEs.  InDHu strongly believes that SMEs are the key to unlocking value, enabling growth and driving innovation in Rail due to their laser focus on value and efficiency. Digital Transformation is driven by delivering business value and, if done correctly, also provides a solid foundation for resilience to change (COVID-19, Brexit, etc..).  The transformation journey starts with targeting one business problem or pain point, but when built properly this scales very quickly to any problem and any ‘what if?’. The implementation of effective processes, the right mindset and a technology stack that become the operational hub of the business all result in a better business – whatever the size.  InDHu knows that SMEs are already incredibly efficient (they have to be to survive and thrive), they have the right mindset (they launched a successful business), they just don’t have the bandwidth and resources to support technical projects .

The Railtex breakfast event will be an interactive session, with Marc answering your question on why InDHu is looking to help smaller companies in the rail industry, and encouraging you to use digital technologies to help you and your company deal with the challenges you face. To help make this session as interactive as possible, please ask your questions to Marc and his team in the registration form. Remember: no question is a stupid question.

Other speakers are being confirmed – watch this space for more details!

We’re so excited to see people again that tickets are open to all Rail Alliance members (Bronze and Silver). However, numbers are limited and Silver members will have priority so book your ticket today!


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