C-19 Rail Supply Group


I am writing to you as Chair of The Rail Supply Group, the leadership body for the UK rail supply sector, to explain our response to managing the Coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency on behalf of the rail sector’s supply industry.

Like every sector of the economy, the rail supply chain has been hit hard, so its key we understand what is needed so we not only survive but thrive.

The government’s openness to working with the sector provides an opportunity to work in close collaboration and set out the path from the current crisis to achieve the fullest, fastest and best recovery for the rail supply industry.

Our goal is to accelerate a deal that can spearhead and aid the recovery of the sector, so we can protect and strengthen our capability and competitiveness and continue to grow business at home and abroad.

A Rail Supply Group Taskforce, comprising of senior representatives drawn from across the rail supply chain, including clients, providers, Government (The Department for Business, Enterprise and Industrial Strategy and The Department for Transport) and key trade associations and stakeholders, has been formed to oversee this work.

Today, we are launching an independent research survey to harness your views.

The results will inform the Taskforce on how we move from today to tomorrow, charting a clear way forward; adapting the Rail Sector Deal and supporting the rail industry to achieve the best possible recovery.

We’re very much in this together so please do make your views known and complete the survey, so we, with Government can form the best response to help.

You have a genuine opportunity to shape and influence the path we take.

Thank you and I look forward to sharing our progress over the coming weeks.

In the meantime, stay safe and well. Thank you.

Philip Hoare
Chair Rail Supply Group

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