Altro launches new installation services to offer easier, more reliable installations

On September 29, 2021, Altro have launched two new installation services: reverse welding and laminated logos. Both of these services are cross compatible with the rest of their service offering, bringing a host of benefits for both manufacturers and operators.

Altro’s reverse welding service allows manufacturers to order their flooring pre-welded, with the weld on the underside of the flooring, providing a faster and more reliable installation. In service, operators benefit from improved ease of cleaning, better protected seams, and uninterrupted flooring patterns. Altro’s engineering department have created a unique mechanical process which ensures a quality, consistent weld throughout the length of the seam. All reverse welds from Altro are stringently vacuum and water tested to EN 13553:2017 and DVS 2225-3, ensuring that vehicle subfloors are guarded with robust protection.

The new laminated logos service brings upgraded performance to Altro’s original logo service, bringing better water resistance than ever before to ensure robust subfloor protection. Available globally in the transport market and compatible with all Altro transport floors, these newly re-engineered logos are compliant to the EN 13553: 2017 water tightness test and, with their flexible construction, facilitate an even easier and faster installation – including easy coving. Logos can be cut to any design, from universal signage to more intricate designs such as company branding. Available in a self-adhesive format, intelligent rail car design has never been easier to achieve.

Altro’s new reverse welding and laminated logos services join Altro’s suite of installation services including their self-adhesive flooring and pre-cut floors services, designed to bring easier, more reliable installations that continue to benefit the operator in service.

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